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The ABC's of Love
This Burlesque reel features comic capers mixed in with the top strippers of the golden age. $19.95

As Nature Intended (1961)
Classic nudist film from Harrison Marks (his debut feature). Starring a bevy of nude babes, including Jackie Salt, Bridget Leonard and fabulous pin-up model Pamela ('39-23-36') Green. 'Luscious Lassies by the Score - Clad in Smiles and Nothing More!' Adults only. Color. $14.95

Assassin of Youth (1937)
Amusing drug expose featuring a reporter who goes undercover to get the lowdown on reefer smoking youngsters. 'Shame, Horror, Despair, Weird Orgies, Wild Parties, Unreleased Passions!' $14.95

Atrocities of the Orient (1959)
A docu-drama recreating the rape and plundering conducted by WWII Japanese troops against the Philippine people. A curious mixture of documentary and exploitation, with shots of Japanese soldiers ripping shirts off young women. $14.95

Bad Girls Do Cry (1954)
Exploitation 'shocker' which reveals the truth about women with loose morals. Starring Heather English and Misty Ayers. $14.95

Bedroom Fantasy / Love Moods
Two color shorts featuring legendary stripper Lili St. Cyr. $19.95

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)
Russ Meyer's racy, colorful tale about an uninhibited all-girl rock group is filled with some of the most bizarre characters and situations ever seen on film, it spans nearly every film genre - comedy, musical, horror murder, sex and melodrama. Written by movie critic Roger Ebert. Adults only due to sex, nudity and violence. Color. $29.95

The Big Sin
A collection of classic exploitation trailers. Includes 'Child Bride,' 'Dance Hall Racket,' 'Escort Girl,' 'Kiss Me Baby,' 'Mated' and many others. $19.95

The Bloody Brood (1959)
A young Peter Falk stars in this chronicle of a brutal gang of dope dealing beatniks. In their quest for 'kicks' they decide to murder a complete stranger. Creepy picture also stars Barbara Lord and Jack Betts. $14.95

Bloody Pit of Horror (1966)
Mickey Hargitay ('Mr. Jayne Mansfield') stars as the Crimson Executioner, a Marquis de Sade-inspired kook who tortures a group of beautiful models who've shown up at his castle for a photo session. Not for kids or the squeamish. Color. $14.95

Cat in the Cage (1983)
Passion is the dangerous adversary that weaves its treacherous threads amongst the members of a wealthy household. Murder and mania go hand in hand. With Sybil Danning and Colleen Camp - two of the BIGGEST gals in movies! Color. $19.95

Caught in a Rip-Off / Year 1999 A.D. A 1974 warning to shoplifters (a high school kid gets busted in a store), plus a 1967 look at the future (complete with space-style garments and electronic kitchen gadgets) starring game show host Wink Martindale. Color. $14.95

Chained for Life (1954)
Starring the Hilton Sisters. Fictionalized biography of the famed Siamese twins also features Allen Jenkins. $14.95

Child Bride (1941)
A schoolteacher crusades against cradle robbing hillbillies in this independent exploitation feature. Rare 1940's nudity. $14.95

Cirsium Delectus (1994)
An attractive young woman picks up a hitch-hiking punk and takes him home. She begins to think of him as a personal possession, and goes berserk when she catches him having sex with his large-breasted girlfriend. What follows is blackmail, murder and more sex. Highly recommended, but for adults only. $14.95

Crash and Burn 101
The same horrific car crash films you had to endure in Driver Education or Traffic School - now yours to enjoy at any social gathering. Recommended for adult viewing only. Color. $14.95

CREEP (1995)
Watch infamous adult entertainer Kathy Willets (internationally known as 'America's Favorite Nymphomaniac') as she explodes in bloody rage and forbidden lust in her eagerly awaited motion picture debut as a savage serial killer. Adults only due to the high content of sex and gore. Color. $14.95

Cocaine Fiends (1936) a.k.a. The Pace That Kills
A young gal heads down the path of illicit drugs and immoral behavior in this exploitation classic. With Lois January and Noel Madison. $14.95

Common Law Wife (1963)
A sometimes racy drive-in flick featuring a promiscuous young gal involved in sex, murder, suicide and high speed driving. With Annabelle Lee and Lacy Kelly. $14.95

Confessions of a Vice Baron (1937)
Willy Castello ('Mad Youth') stars in this exploitation gem that exposes the inner workings of a criminal gang. 'Hired Guns - Sex Slaves - Easy Money!' $14.95

Cuban Rebel Girls (1960)
a.k.a. Assault of the Rebel Girls
Erroll Flynn's last film was this adventure yarn set in Castro's Cuba (using 'actual rebel footage'). Bizarre production also stars Flynn's 16 year old girlfriend Beverly Aadland. $19.95

Damaged Lives (1937)
Diane Sinclair stars in this VD epic from cult director Edgar G. Ulmer. Also with Lyman Williams, Cecilia Parker and Jason Robards as Dr. Hall. $19.95

Dance Hall Racket (1955)
Written by and starring Lenny Bruce. An undercover investigator gets a job in a sleazy strip joint to get the goods on a muderer. Directed by Phil ('Robot Monster') Tucker and co-starring a lot of exotic dancers, including Bruce's wife Honey. $14.95

Daughters of Darkness (1971) Le Rouge aux Levres
Arty lesbian vampire film from Europe. A mysterious countess (Delphine Seyrig) and her beautiful lover (Andrea Rau) seduce a young couple they meet at a fancy seaside resort. Rated R. Color. $14.95

A Day in the Life of Karen
Join super-stacked exotic dancer Karen Pombo (featured in Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend and The Hitler Tapes in her own sexy production! You are there as Karen gets up in the morning, takes a l-o-n-g, hot shower and goes about her day - a day that includes nude sunbathing and more. Adults only. Color. $19.95

Death Game (1980) a.k.a. The Seducers
Evil Sondra Locke and her voluptuous pal Colleen Camp seduce a middle aged man and then hold him hostage while degrading him and trashing his house. Rated R for nudity and violence. $29.95

Delinquent Daughters (1944)
June Carlson and Fifi d'Orsay star in this tale of attractive young women at a girls school. Some are attracted to the cheap thrills found in 'wild parties, hoodlumism and juvenile crime.' From PRC. $14.95

The Devil's Sleep (1951)
A gangster runs an outfit specializing in illegal (deadly) sleeping pills. With Lita Grey Chaplin, Timothy Farrell, William Thomason and muscleman George 'Mr. America' Eiferman. $14.95

Dracula Sucks (1979)
Lust at First Bite
Erotic version of the Bram Stoker classic. Starring Jamie Gillis, Annette Haven, John Leslie, Serena, Kay Parker, John Holmes, Philip Toubus, Patricia Manning, Seka, Irene Best, Renee Andre, Nancy Hoffman. Color. $19.95

Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (1992)
A lonely security guard begins spying on women through their windows. He's soon having call girls over to his house and secretly videotaping the degrading sexual encounters. Hilarious black comedy is loaded with beautiful nude women. With Monica McFarland, Karen Pombo and Sheila Traister. Must be 18 or over to order. Color. $19.95

The Female Bunch (1969)
Violent exploitation film shot at Charles Manson's Spahn Ranch. Russ Tamblyn and Lon Chaney, Jr. co-star with a bevy of gorgeous female crooks who 'dare to do what other women only dream about' - namely robbery, torture and murder. Color. $14.95

Five Minutes to Love (1963)
a.k.a. It Only Takes Five Minutes, The Rotten Apple
A married couple get involved with a crooked junkyard owner when their car breaks down during a trip to Southern California. A young Rue McClanahan (TV's 'The Golden Girls') does a nice turn as the town tramp. $14.95

The Flaming Urge (1953)
Cathy Downs and Harold Lloyd, Jr. star in this study of pyromania in a small town. $14.95

The Flesh Merchant (1955)
aka Wild and Wicked - 'Beautiful Hollywood models lured into scarlet vice by vicious ganglords. Innocent girls swept into a mad whirlpool of destruction. Girls bought, sold and traded. What more could you possibly ask from a film? $14.95

Frigid Wife (1961)
The story of two couples. One wife can't perform in bed, the other wife has a husband who can't. With Robert Clarke. $14.95

Fritz the Cat (1972)
Classic ADULTS ONLY cartoon based on charcters created by Robert Crumb. Directed by Ralph Bakshi. Rated X. $19.95

The Gay Deceivers (1969)
To avoid the draft, two straight guys (Kevin Coughlin and Larry Casey) pretend to be homosexuals. They appear to get away with it, but a suspicious Army officer decides to check up on them and the ruse gets more and more complicated. Also with Brooke Bundy, Jo Ann Harris and Richard Webb ('Captain Midnight'). Color. $19.95

Ghosts Can't Do It (1990)
Bo Derek searches for a perfect male body to house the spirit of her dead husband (Anthony Quinn). Also with Julie Newmar and Don Murray. Color. $19.95

The Girl in Black Stockings (1957)
Sexy Mamie Van Doren is murdered at an upscale resort. Also with Lex Barker, Ann Bancroft and Marie Windsor. $14.95

Goliathon (1979)
A gorgeous jungle girl (Evelyne Kraft of 'Lady Dracula' fame) becomes attached to a giant ape in this legendary production from Hong Kong. Color. $19.95

Goona, Goona (1932)
M. Andre Roosevelt's love story from the island of Bali. Starring a bevy of beautiful, topless island babes. $19.95

Gun Girls (1956)
Ultra-sleazy exploitationer about a vicious female holdup gang terrorizing the countryside. Timothy Farrell sells their stolen goods while romancing one of the gals. Also with Jean Ann Lewis, Jeanne Ferguson and Jacquelyn Park. $14.95

Hatchet for the Honeymoon (1969)
Mario Bava's strange tale of an impotent bridegroom who goes nuts and starts hacking up gals in wedding gowns! Color. $14.95

The Head (1959)
French star Michel Simon ('Panique') slums in this lurid film, which amounts to the German version of 'The Brain That Wouldn't Die.' Scientist Horst Frank is a scientist who grafts the body of a stripper onto another woman, then immediately starts hitting on her! $14.95

He and She (1970)
An attractive young couple demonstrates the art of lovemaking while a sex education professional narrates. Definitely for adults only. Color/Letterboxed. $19.95

Heavy Traffic (1973)
ADULTS ONLY cartoon treatment of a frustrated New Yorker. Directed with flair by Ralph Bakshi. $19.95

Highway Carnage
More car crash footage. Recommended for adult viewing only. Color. $14.95

The Hitler Tapes (1994)
A peeping tom pays a phone sex operator to talk to him and watch videos he has taken of showering prostitutes, blind dates, etc. You must be 18 or older to order this tape. 'A winner. A really really strange one. But definitely a winner.' - Joe Bob Briggs Color. $19.95

Hollywood After Dark (1968)
The seamy side of L.A., as seen through the eyes of a sexy young starlet (TV star Rue McClanahan) who decides to sleep her way to the top. $14.95

Hollywood Peepshow
Classic striptease films. $19.95

Hollywood Vice Squad (1986)
Trish Van Devere seeks help in locating her hooker/addict daughter. Also with Frank Gorshin, Ronny Cox, Robin Wright, Leon Isaac Kennedy and Carrie Fisher. Color. $19.95

Honky Tonk Girl (1937) a.k.a. Highway Hell
Mary Chauning stars in this depression era exploitationer about a prostitution ring made up of hitch-hiking babes who find their customers on the open road. $14.95

I Accuse My Parents (1945)
A teenager goes on trial for murder, claiming his parents are responsible for his life of crime. With Mary Beth Hughes. $14.95

I Changed My Sex (1953)
a.k.a. Glen or Glenda, I Led Two Lives
Ed Wood plays the title role in his notorious, autobiographical transvestism expose. Also with Dolores Fuller, Lyle Talbot and Bela Lugosi. Amazing. $14.95

Island of Lost Girls (1973)
The story of a white slave operation filmed 'in the exotic lands where it really happened!' With Monica Pardo - Rated R. Color. $14.95

Lash of the Penitentes (1937)
a.k.a. The Penitente Murder Case
Surviving footage (including the nude whipping scene) from the classic lost film about a religious cult in the American southwest. Based on fact. $14.95

Lelong (1930) a.k.a. Dance of the Virgins
Native rituals and more. Filmed on the island of Bali. $19.95

Liane, Jungle Goddess (1956)
This 'female Tarzan' story is mostly an excuse to display the gorgeous, topless Marion Michaels. Also with Hardy Kruger. Color. $14.95

Lili St. Cyr
The legendary striptease artist in action, performing two of her sexiest productions for the camera. Includes A Bedroom Fantasy and Bubble Bath (both in glorious color). Also with The Folliettes and The Duponts. For adults only. $14.95

The Lonely Lady (1983)
Pia Zadora stars as a sex kitten on the prowl in this trashy Harold Robbins adaptation. Rated R. Color. Lists for $59.95 - on sale for just $29.95

The Lonely Sex (1959)
Bizarre but well-made film about a disturbed young man who abducts a young girl and holds her in his isolated shack. The girl's uncle is a peeping tom with a habit of spying on topless showgirls in their dressing room. Rare 1950s nudity. $14.95

Mad Youth (1939) a.k.a. Naked Youth
A 'thirties sex expose reminiscent of 'Road to Ruin' and 'Sex Madness.' This 'startling sensation' features Mary Ainslee as a troubled teen, with Betty Compton as her sex starved mom. With 'children slipping to ruin on the skids of Mother Neglect!' $14.95

Maniac (1934)
Dwain Esper's immortal sleaze-fest is the forerunner of today's trash cinema. See a cat's eye being eaten, women fighting with syringes, a mad rapist and more. $14.95

Marijuana - The Devil's Weed (1936)
Classic exploitation film warning about the dangers of dope. Starring Harley Wood. $19.95

Mated (1952)
a.k.a. Mismated, I Want a Baby
Another lurid, so-called 'educational' film from the 1950s. $19.95

Mom and Dad (1947)
Seminal roadshow 'educational' film about a girl and how her life is ruined by a night of passion. Includes the famous, tacked on birth sequence. $19.95

Moonshine Mountain (1965)
Hillbilly exploitationer from H.G. Lewis ('Blood Feast') features plenty of drive-in style action for lovers of the genre. Color. $14.95

Morals for Women (1931) a.k.a. Big City Interlude
Bessie Love stars as a young woman who moves to the big city and becomes a secretary. Her boss has only carnal pleasure on his mind and makes a special arrangement with her - she moves in to a luxury apartment while he retains the keys and 'visiting' rights. Also with Conway Tearle and Natalie Moorehead. $14.95

Ms. 45 (1981) a.k.a. Angel of Vengeance
Revenge flick starring Zoe Tamerlis as a woman who vows to kill all men because she's been raped twice. From the director of 'Driller Killer.' Color. $19.95

Multiple Maniacs
From the director that brought you 'Serial Mom,' 'Pink Flamingoes' and 'Polyester' comes one of John Waters' perverse productions. It stars his favorite cross-dresser - Divine. Also with Mink Stole, Cookie Meuller and Mary Vivian Pierce. $29.95

Mystery of Motherhood / Painless Childbirth Through Hypnosis
These films were presented as 'educational' in nature, but were produced to give yesterday's audiences a glimpse at sex. $19.95

Naked Complex (1963)
A guy who's afraid of women ends up on an island inhabited by gorgeous nude babes! This weird nudie was photographed at the Sun Beach Club in Tampa, Florida. Starring Dolores Carlos (who also produced), Roy Savage and Debby Winters. Adults only. Color. $14.95

Naked Flame (1963)
A stranger shows up in a town filled with religious kooks and mysterious, violent acts begin occurring. Part of the cult's ritual involves parading around nude, a sight not often seen when this was shot in the early 1960s (amazing how many sect members are busty young women, eh). With Linda Bennett and faded Hollywood star Dennis O'Keefe. Recommended for adults as it contains rape, nudity, murder, etc. $14.95

Naked in the Night (1958)
A German sizzler about 'misguided young women who sell themselves for money' despite the usual stern warnings about the consequences. Nude dancing (and more) make this a cut above most 1950's films. With Eva Bartok. $14.95

The Narcotics Story (1958)
a.k.a. The Dreaded Pesuasion
Semi-documentary gives the inside dope on the drug addicts, narc officers and pushers. 'Every man, woman and teenager must see this factual film!' $14.95

Nation Aflame (1937)
Thomas ('Birth of a Nation') Dixon wrote this story of a violent secret society and its' terrorist methods. With Noel Madison and Lila Lee. Produced and directed by the Halperin brothers ('White Zombie'). $14.95

Naughty New Orleans (1962)
The top burlesque queens in the region cavort on camera in this sleazy travelogue. Color. $14.95

A Night at the Follies
Striptease dancers (including Evelyn West) and comics captured at the famed Follie Theatre in L.A. $19.95

1990: The Bronx Warriors (1983)
When the Bronx is officially declared a High Risk District, the authorities give up any attempts to enforce the law. From that moment on, The Riders reign - but not without a fight from their rivals The Zombies, The Tigers and The Scavengers. They are the worst scum of the earth - your worst nightmare come true. Theirs is a war of brutality with a unique prize: To the victor goes the Bronx. Starring Fred Williamson, Christopher Connelly and Vic Morrow. Rated R. $29.95

Nude in His Pocket (1962) a.k.a. Girl in His Pocket
A biology professor (French star Jean Marais) turns his gorgeous young lab assistant (Agnes Laurent) into a six inch miniature with an experimental solution, then struggles to hide this information from his lovely but cranky fiancee. 'A tasty mixture of laughs, tears and sex!' $14.95

1+1 Exploring the Kinsey Reports (1961)
Arch ('Lights Out') Obler directed this series of tales based on the Kinsey sex report. Starring Leo G. Carroll ('The Man From U.N.C.L.E.'). $14.95

One Too Many (1951) a.k.a. Killer with a Label
The tragic consequences of John Barleycorn, as told by Kroger Babb and Hallmark studios. Ruth Warrick (TV's 'All My Children') plays a concert pianist who becomes a hopeless drunk and screws up her family life. Also with Lyle Talbot and Onslow Stevens. $14.95

Ordered to Love (1963)
Takes place in one of Hitlerís 'Love Camps' - where Aryan beauties were forced to mate with their male counterparts. $14.95

Party Girls (1929)
Another tale of the gals who travel down the immoral road. With Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. $14.95

The Pill Poppers / Safety or Slaughter
Anti-drug scare film aimed at high schoolers plus a driver education film from Canada. Color. $14.95

Pin Down Girls (1951) a.k.a. Racket Girls
Clara Mortensen and Rita Martinez star in this account of the women's wrestling circuit. 'See intimate scenes of gorgeous girl wrestlers - with the naked eye of the camera!' $14.95

Probation (1932)
Crime and exploitation, 'thirties style. Featuring a young Betty Grable. $14.95

The Prophet (1968) a.k.a. Mr. Kinky
Starring Ann-Margret and Vittorio Gassman. Color. $19.95

Reckless Decision (1932) a.k.a. Protect Your Daughters
Doris Eaton stars in this sleazy story of young girls ruined by sex and cheap booze. $14.95

Reefer Madness (1937)
a.k.a. The Burning Question, Tell Your Children
Legendary exploitation film warning viewers about the evils of marijuana. Who can forget Dave O'Brien shouting 'faster, faster!' to the pianist. With many equally ridiculous moments. A true classic. $14.95

Revenge of the Virgins
Would you believe topless Indian babes on the warpath?! Their leader is a sexy blonde who had been captured as a baby. Definitely in the 'must-see-to-believe' category. Starring Jodean Russo, Nona Carver and Charles Veltman. $14.95

Roadhouse Girl (1953) a.k.a. Marilyn
A mechanic murders his boss and takes up with the man's seductive wife. They go into business with each other, but before long a third man learns their deadly secret. $14.95

Road to Ruin (1937)
Even dumber than 'Reefer Madness' and 'Assassin of Youth' - both of which came out the same year. 'Road to Ruin' features young people turning to drugs and cheap liquor - and even boasts some Hayes-era nudity. $14.95

Rumpus in the Classroom
'Educational' films from the 1950s and 1960s. Includes 'Joan Avoids a Cold,' 'Candy is Healthy,' 'Dating Do's and Don'ts' and 'Fun with Speech Songs.' $19.95

Samurai (1945)
A young Japanese orphan is raised in California after the Tokyo earthquake of 1923. After Pearl Harbor is attacked, he's approached by a secret Japanese military order to do their evil bidding. Wartime propoganda film was advertised with lines like 'WHITE WOMEN...playthings of the JAPS! It could have been your daughter - your sister - your sweetheart!' Starring Paul Fung and Luke Chan. $19.95

Satan and the Virgin / Beauty and the Beast / Rasputin and the Princess
Strange and sexy burlesque shorts from the 1950s. Adults only. $9.95

Savages From Hell (1968) a.k.a. Big Enough and Old Enough
A sleazy biker moves in on the daughter of an immigrant worker, then beats up a black guy who shows an interest in his regular girlfriend. 'An innocent girl the prize in a dirty game!' Produced by K. Gordon Murray - starring Bobbie Myers. Color. $14.95

The Seniors (1978)
A group of college students open a sex clinic as a joke and see it turn into a huge money maker. Starring Priscilla Barnes, Dennis Quaid, Gary Imhoff, Edward Andrews and Jeffrey Byron. Rated R. Color. $19.95

Sex Madness (1937) a.k.a. They Must Be Told!
The horrors of illicit sex are shown in this VD classic known as 'The 'Reefer Madness' of sex films.' $14.95

Shanty Tramp (1967)
Shot in Florida and produced by K. Gordon Murray, this is the story of an immoral young woman who puts the moves on an evangelist, then gets chummy with a biker gang. For adults only due to nudity (the 'heroine' spends much of the picture naked - and because of her sexy build there are no complaints. $14.95

She Shoulda Said No (1949) a.k.a. Wild Weed
Lila Leeds ('Lady in the Lake') stars as a former addict who helps the police crack a dope ring. Quickly made to cash in on the drug busts of Leeds and Robert Mitchum a few months earlier. $14.95

Sin You Sinners (1963)
An aging stripper wears an amulet that allows her to control those around her while keeping a youthful appearance. When the stripclub owner and his hooker pal try to steal the amulet, the stripper casts a hypnotic spell and causes murder and suicide. The shocker ending is not to be missed. With June Colbourne. $14.95

Slaves in Bondage (1937)
Legendary exploitation picture about a gang of white slavers who lure simple country girls to the big city and a life of you-know-what. Featuring Wheeler Oakman ('Lights of New York') and dimpled 1930s star Lona Andre. $14.95

Slave Trade in the World Today (1964)
White slavery expose shot in Africa and the Middle East. Includes footage of actual life in a harem, taken by an English woman who sold herself into bondage for three years. Contains nudity. Color. $14.95

Society's Menace
1950s sex-ed films make up this compilation reel.Includes 'VD - See Your Doctor,' 'Know for Sure' and 'Social Sex Attitude in Adolescents.' $19.95

Street of Forgotten Women (1920s)
Rare silent exploitation picture dealing with the scourge of prostitution. $14.95

Strip, Strip, Hooray! (1950)
Burlesque stars Tempest Storm, Marie Voe, Dorothy Ales, Blaza Glory, Charmel, Leon DeVoe, Wilma Wescot, Bobby Roberts and others. Marginal picture quality. $14.95

Striptease College Girls
You'll enjoy 'studying' the sexy students of STC (Strip Tease College)! Starring Cheyenne, Mona Raye, Mary Blaine and Charlie Crafts. Adults only. $14.95

Striptease Girl
Exotic dancer Tempest Storm in action. Join her as she performs with other vintage striptease artists and the best comics from the world of Burlesque. Adults only. $14.95

Striptease Murder Case (1950)
This murder mystery is set in the world of exotic dancing, so sit back and enjoy the view! Denise Darnell, Eunice Jason, Naomi, Lynn Sherwood and Alverta (billed as 'America's Best Undressed Women') star in this classic adults only exploitationer. $14.95

Tarzana the Wild Girl (1972)
An expedition looking for air crash survivors stumbles across a beautiful, naked white girl in the heart of the jungle. Rated R. Color. $14.95

The Terror of Tiny Town (1938)
Billy Curtis and Yvonne Moray star in this bizarre all-midget western. $19.95

Test Tube Babies (1953)
Sex and reproduction get the exploitation treatment in this would-be 'educational' feature. With Monica Davis and featuring a bitchin' topless catfight. $14.95

The Third Sex (1959)
One of the first films to deal with homosexuality. The story concerns parents who discover that their son is gay and their subsequent attempts to 'straighten him out.' $14.95

This Nude World (1932)
Cinematic examination of nudist colonies in Europe and the U.S. $19.95

Three Nuts in Search of a Bolt (1964)
Three people need psychiatric help but can't afford it (one is stripper Mamie Van Doren). They convince out-of-work actor Tommy Noonan to see the doctor and act out all of their symptoms so they get three diagnoses for the price of one. Van Doren's nude striptease segments caused much noteriety at the time. Also with Ziva Rodann, Paul Gilbert and Alvy Moore. $19.95

The Tiger and the Pussycat (1967)
Starring Ann-Margret, Vittorio Gassman and Eleanor Parker. A middle-aged businessman gets involved with a promiscuous sex kitten. Color. $19.95

TNT Jackson (1974)
Playboy playmate Jeanne Bell stars as karate chopping babe who travels to Hong Kong in search of her missing brother. An R-rated (Bell gets her shirt torn off in nearly every fight scene) blaxploitation classic. Color. $19.95

Tomorrow's Children (1934)
Selective breeding and forced sterilization are the subject matter in this nearly forgotten film starring Sterling Holloway (the voice of Walt Disney's Winnie the Pooh) and Diana Sinclair. $14.95

Too Hot to Handle
Strippers from the golden age of Burlesque strut their stuff. $19.95

Tower of Screaming Virgins (1968)
European sex/costume drama about a murderous countess who tortures and kills young men after having sex with them. Based loosely on the works of Dumas. In color, with great photography and production values. Rated R. Color. $14.95

Traffic in Souls (1913)
Sex in cinema got its' start in this classic 'white slavery' picture. Starring Matt Moore, Jane Gail, Irene Wallace and Walter Long. With its' depiction of beautiful young women being inducted into the seedy world of prostitution, this film played to packed houses for years. Silent. $14.95

Trapped by the Mormons (1922)
Silent anti-Mormon film that depicts members of the religion as dangerous white-slavers. Starring Evelyn Brent, Oliver Sloane and Lewis Willoughby. Reissued under the title 'The Mormon Peril.' $14.95

Unashamed (1938)
A businessman heads off to a nudist colony to relax, and is delighted to see his pretty co-worker among the bare babes! $14.95

Undercover Girls
Best of the dancing girl films from the 1940s and 1950s. $19.95

U.S.S. V.D., Ship of Shame / Red Nightmare
Vintage propaganda films from the 1950s. The first featured sailors who have a little too much fun on liberty - the second features Jack Webb warning about the dangers of Communist infiltration. $19.95

Wasted Lives (1958)
Italian sexploitation film (complete with obligatory birth sequence) starring Marisa Merlini and Marcello Mastroianni. This was a European production originally titled 'The Most Wonderful Moment' - discovered and presented to U.S. audiences by K. Gordon Murray. $14.95

Weird World of LSD (1967)
Priceless 'anti-drug' flick that often comes across as an LSD promotional film. Larry the pusher drives a Cadillac, despite the fact that he sells hits of acid for only $2 each. His customers' trips are re-enacted while a narrator elucidates over the jazzy music. An 'auto-erotic' young woman strips, writhes and fondles her breasts in a crowded lounge ('much to the bewilderment and dismay of her fiancee), a 350 lb. art dealer ties into an imaginary buffet, a porn-loving bachelor caresses stag photos that come to life for extended exotic dance numbers, pretty girls turn into cleaver-wielding monsters, etc. Featuring more sex than drugs, this film is a must for any social occasion. $14.95

Werewolves on Wheels (1971)
A motorcycle gang battles a coven of Satan worshippers. Starring Barry McGuire and Stephen Oliver. Color. $14.95

Wicked Games (1994)
A twisted story of hallucinatory eroticism and outrageous gore as a masked madman systematically slaughters the sexually promiscuous women in a small southern town. Contains nudity, sexual situations and graphic violence. Adults only. Color. $14.95

Wild Women (1951)
A hunting expedition in Africa is captured by a female tribe. Plenty of actual jungle footage spliced in. Contains nudity. $14.95

Wild Women of Wongo (1958)
A bizarre (and hilarious) entry in the sexy prehistoric babe genre. On one island a group of gorgeous Amazons live with their ugly male counterparts - while on a nearby island a group of handsome cavemen live with their ugly wives. Starring muscleman Ed Fury and a busty actress rumored to be Adrienne Barbeau. $14.95

Women-In-Prison Films

Caged Hearts (1995)
Tane McClure and Carrie Genzel star in this tale of two gorgeous women framed for murder and sent to a notorious prison. There they are tortured and forced into a life of prostitution. Rated R. Color. $24.95

Girl on a Chain Gang (1965)
Based on the same civil rights murders dramatized in 1988's 'Mississippi Burning,' but with lots more sex. A trio of young people are persecuted by redneck cops in the 'deep south' (actually New Jersey). $14.95

Girls in Chains (1943)
Murder mystery concerning a school teacher (Arline Judge) who is fired when it becomes known that her brother-in-law is a criminal. She takes a job educating the hardened gals at a women's reformatory, all the while getting the goods on the corrupt warden. Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. $14.95

Girls in Prison (1956)
Sleazy prison drama featuring Joan Taylor, sexy Adele Jergens, Richard Denning, Jane Darwell and Raymond Hatton. $19.95

House of 1,000 Women (1944)
During WWII,the Germans convert a French resort into a prison to house a variety of female British nationals. The women use their wiles to survive as confortably as possible, but their relative peace is shattered when two downed RAF pilots elect to hide among them. Starring Phyllis Calvert and Flora Robson. $14.95

10 Violent Women (1989)
Ten shapely women attempt to pull off a million dollar jewelry heist, but are caught and sent to a woman's prison - where they'll do anything to get out. From cult director Ted V. Mikels (who appears as a drug dealer). Color. $29.95

Terminal Island (1973)
Sexy female prisoners are abandoned on an island prison camp filled with desperate (male) inmates. Rape is the order of the day until the women lead a feminist-inspired rebellion. Starring Phyllis Davis ('Sweet Sugar'), Don Marshall, Marta Kristen, Barbara Leigh, Roger Mosley and Tom Selleck. Directed by Stephanie Rothman. Rated R for nudity and extreme violence. Color. $19.95

Senta Berger

Full Hearts and Empty Pockets (1963)
When a young man on vacation in Rome experiences a run of good luck, he becomes the target of various hustlers and con men. This charming comedy/drama features fine location photography and some of the most beautiful women in Europe, including Berger and Linda Christian . $14.95

Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace (1962)
a.k.a. Valley of Fear
Christopher Lee stars with Senta in this atmospheric German Holmes entry. Here the great detective matches wits with his nemesis Moriarity in hunting down a necklace stolen from Cleopatra's tomb. Directed by Terence Fisher of England's Hammer Studios. $14.95

The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1962)
a.k.a. Terror of the Mad Doctor
Gert ('Goldfinger') Forbe and the beautiful Ms. Berger star in this Mabuse entry, which features the evil genius controlling the head of an asylum. $14.95

When Woman Had Tails (1970)
Screwball sex comedy from Europe featuring the lucious (not to mention topless) Ms. Berger as a prehistoric temptress in the clutches of a bunch of groping cavemen! Rated R. Color. $14.95

When Woman Lost Their Tails (1971)
Senta returns (see above) as the voluptuous cavewoman! Rated R. Color. $14.95

Robert Clarke

The Astounding She Monster (1957)
Kidnappers holding a society woman hostage in the woods (in Clarke's cabin) are confronted by a beautiful alien (Shirley Kilpatrick) who kills with her deadly touch. Also with Kenne Duncan. $14.95

Beyond the Time Barrier (1959)
Clarke stars as a jet pilot who accidently flies into the future and sees the world of the 21st century. Turns out it looks a lot like the 1959 Texas State Fair, where this was shot by cult director Edgar G. Ulmer. Darlene Thompkins co-stars as a beautiful mute befriended by Clarke. The great climax features a bunch of demented bald guys tackling the mini-skirted women who inhabit an underground citadel. $14.95

The Black Pirates (1954)
Murderous buccaneers prey on the West Indies in this historical drama. Clarke co-stars with Lon Chaney, Jr., Anthony Dexter and Alfonso Bedoya (the 'stinking badges' bandit from 'Treasure of the Sierra Madre'). Color. $19.95

Frankenstein Island (1981)
Jerry Warren's first horror film in fifteen years features many of his old stars. With Clarke, John Carradine, Cameron Mitchell, Andrew Duggan, Katherine Victor and Steve Brodie. Color. $19.95

Frigid Wife (1961)
Clark appears in this story of two couples. One wife can't perform in bed, the other wife has a husband who can't. $14.95

Hideous Sun Demon (1959)
a.k.a. Blood on His Lips, The Sun Demon, Terror from the Sun
Clarke produced, directed and starred in this wild story of a man who turns into a scaly reptile when his skin is exposed to sunlight. Nan Peterson co-stars as a sexy lounge singer who momentarily falls for him. A TV favorite throughout the 'sixties. $14.95

I Led 3 Lives
'The fantastically true story of Herbert A. Philbrick, who for nine frightening years did lead three lives - average citizen, member of the Communist Party and counterspy for the F.B.I.' Clarke guest stars in an episode of the classic 1953-56 series. Also on this tape: An episode of Follow That Man. $14.95

(See the TV Page for more episodes of 'I Led 3 Lives' and other vintage programs.)

Incredible Petrified World (1957)
A crew exploring the ocean floor in a diving bell discovers a mysterious underground world. Also with John Carradine, Phyllis 'Lois Lane' Coates and Lloyd Nelson. $14.95

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 5
'Spider, Inc.' with Clarke and Gene Barry plus 'Hour of the Nightmare' with Lyn Bari. Color. $14.95

Secret File: Hollywood (1962)
Clarke stars as an unemployed detective who signs on as a photographer for a lurid scandal sheet. He gets some juicy photos of a film producer and his mistress, which his publisher (Francine York) uses in a blackmail plot. $14.95

Arch Hall, Jr.

The Choppers (1961)
Members of a gang called 'The Choppers' graduate from stealing hubcaps to worse crimes in this JD film from the legendary Arch Hall. Arch, Jr. stars of course. Also with Bruno Ve Sota. $14.95

Eegah! (1963)
Arch sings several songs to his attractive girlfriend (Marilyn Manning) before a pre-historic caveman (Richard 'Jaws' Kiel) whisks her off to his cave to feel her up. Directed by Arch's dad - under the name Nicholas Merriwether. Plenty of surf guitar music on the soundtrack. Color. $14.95

The Sadist (1963) a.k.a. Profile of Terror
A trio of schoolteachers is terrorized by a psycho punk (Hall) and his sexy but dumb girlfriend (Marilyn Manning). Suspenseful direction by James Landis and great cinematography by the legendary Vilmos Zsigmond. Arch's best role. $14.95

Wild Guitar (1962)
Guitar player Hall is packaged by a shameless promoter in this low-rent show business expose. Directed by Ray Dennis Steckler, who appears under his acting pseudonym 'Cash Flagg.' $14.95

Jayne Mansfield

Dog Eat Dog (1963)
Jayne, Cameron Mitchell and Werner Peters pull a bank heist and escape to an island where they begin fighting among themselves. Interesting crime picture with lots of backstabbing and plot twists. Great opening featuring Jayne writhing on a bed with tons of cash. $14.95

The Fat Spy (1968)
A secret agent spoof released at the height of the James Bond craze. Jack E. Leonard, Phyllis Diller and Jordan Christopher hunt for the fountain of youth in Florida. Their search takes them to an island, where they find a bunch of rock and rollers and the sexy Ms. Mansfield. Strange cast also includes Brian Donlevy and The Wild Ones. Color. $14.95

Female Jungle (1956)
Jayne (described in the promotional material as '40-21-35') plays footloose model Candy Price, a key link to finding the murderer of a young actress. Directed by cult actor Bruno Ve Sota, this hard-boiled film also stars Lawrence Tierney and John Carradine. Rarely seen since its initial release.$29.95

Follow the Sun
Hour-long 1961-62 adventure series set in Hawaii and starring Barry Coe, Brett Halsey and Gary Lockwood. Jayne guest stars with Brian Keith in the epsiode 'The Dumbest Blonde.' $14.95

The Loves of Hercules (1960)
a.k.a. Hercules and the Hydra
A European sword and sandal epic which co-stars Jayne's muscleman husband Mickey Hargitay (Bloody Pit of Horror). Jayne plays two parts - a virtuous queen and an evil amazon, while Mickey divides his time between romance and battling a variety of old world monsters. Color. $14.95

Single Room Furnished (1968)
Jayne's last starring role is this attempt at serious acting. Here she plays a woman who turns to prostitution after a series of personal tragedies. Also with Bruno VeSota (as one of the many guys who takes advantage of Jayne before deserting her). Directed by Matt Cimber, who later made Pia Zadora's equally lurid Butterfly. Color. $14.95

The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield (1968)
Tacky 'biography' film features scenes from some of Jayne's movies, plus footage of her globe-trotting adventures - including stops at sex clubs and topless joints throughout the world. Information about her death in a car crash was added before the films' release. Tons o' naked dolls (including Jayne herself) make this for adults only. Color. $14.95

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter (1957)
Jayne stars with Tony Randall, Betsy Drake, Joan Blondell and husband Mickey Hargitay in this witty send-up of Hollywood and television that's 'explosive with laughter' (Hollywood Reporter). When ad copywriter Rock Hunter (Randall) hears the Stay-Put Lipstick account is leaving for another agency, he gets the bright idea of asking movie star Rita Marlowe (Mansfield) to endorse the product. Known as 'the girl with the kissable lips,' Rita agrees on one condition - that Rock pretend to be her lover so she can make her boyfriend (Hargitay) jealous. It's just the first of many obstacles Rock faces on his meteoric rise to success. Color. $29.95

Ed Wood

Bride of the Monster (1955)
This classic is a fine companion piece to Wood's later film Plan Nine From Outer Space. This is the one where Bela Lugosi struggles with the unmoving prop octopus. Also with Tor Johnson, Dolores Fuller and Paul Marco. $14.95

I Changed My Sex (1953)
a.k.a. Glen or Glenda, I Led Two Lives
Wood himself plays the title role in this notorious, autobiographical transvestism expose. Also with Dolores Fuller, Lyle Talbot and Bela Lugosi. Amazing. $14.95

Jail Bait (1954)
A would be crime epic about a criminal who wants a plastic surgeon to alter his appearance. Starring Steve Reeves (before he gained fame as 'Hercules'). With Lyle Talbot, Dolores Fuller, Timothy Farrell, Theodora Thurman and Mona (Plan Nine) McKinnon. $14.95

Night of the Ghouls (1959)
Kenne Dunne (in a role originally slated for Bela Lugosi) stars as the phony spiritualist 'Dr. Acula' in this followup to Plan Nine From Outer Space. Wood regulars Criswell and Tor Johnson also appear. $14.95

Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)
a.k.a. Grave Robbers From Outer Space
Called 'the worst film ever made' - Ed Wood's signature film is in a class by itself. Top-billed Bela Lugosi appears for only a couple of minutes (having died years before the picture was released) leaving Tor Johnson, Dudley Manlove and Vampira to commit the 'unspeakable horrors' that transpire. Introduced and narrated by 1950's 'psychic' Criswell. $14.95

The Violent Years (1956) a.k.a. Female
Crime pic with a script by Wood that manages to squeeze in murder, vandalism, rape and robbery. Don't miss these 'untamed girls of the pack gang.' $14.95

Art by Ronnie Cramer Music by Ronnie Cramer Films by Ronnie Cramer

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