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1940s, 1950s and 1960s Drive-In Movies

Anatomy of a Psycho (1961)
Darrell Howe ('a volcanic young psycho caught in a frenzied nightmare') and his sexy, nutty girlfriend Judy Howard ('the curvacious blonde whose hips never stay still') scheme to kill all those responsible for getting his brother executed. Also starring Pamela Lincoln, Russ Bender and Ronnie Burns (son of George and Gracie). Directed by Brooke L. Peters for the low-budget outfit Unitel Pictures. $14.95

Beat Girl (1960) a.k.a. Wild for Kicks
This terrific JD import from England has much to offer, including sleazy strip clubs, beatniks, drag racing and teen alienation. Rock star Adam Faith appears in the film and sings several numbers. Christopher Lee and sexy Noell Adam co-star. $14.95

The Beatniks (1960)
A musical talent scout spots a handsome young beatnik (Tony Travis) and decides to make him a star, causing problems with the boys' murderous pal Peter Breck ('Shock Corridor,' 'The Big Valley'). $14.95

The Bloody Brood (1959)
A young Peter Falk stars in this chronicle of a brutal gang of dope dealing beatniks. In their quest for 'kicks' they decide to murder a complete stranger. Creepy but fascinating picture also stars Barbara Lord and Jack Betts. $14.95

The Choppers (1961)
A teenage gang graduates from stealing hubcaps to worse crimes in this exploitation film starring Arch Hall, Jr. and Bruno Ve Sota. Produced by Hall's dad. $14.95

Crazy Baby (1968)
Teen rebellion, European-style. Music and motorcycles as the rockers battle the mods. With Ricky Shayne. Color. $14.95

A Dangerous Age (1957)
Under-age lovers hit many snags when they run away together. With Anne Pearson. It's 'gone, man, gone!' $14.95

Dangerous Youth (1958)
British punks in action. $14.95

Date Bait (1960)
Another teenage tragedy featuring a young couple desperate to get married. Standing in their way are parents, a former boyfriend and his dope fiend brother. 'Too young to know - Too wild to care - Too eager to say 'I will!'' $14.95

The Devil on Wheels (1947)
Inspired by his father's poor driving habits, Darryl Hickman becomes a hot rodder and gets involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident. $19.95

Fireball Jungle (1968)
Color stock car epic features lots of mobsters, troubled teens and violent auto crashes. Lon Chaney, Jr. stars as Sammy the junkyard owner. $14.95

The Flaming Teen-Age (1956)
This semi-documentary details the dangers of drugs and alcohol among sexy schoolgirls. 'True, unvarnished confession of a juvenile delinquent - Told with the intensity of WHITE HEAT!' $14.95

Force of Impulse (1960)
A well-to-do father (Robert Alda) freaks out when his sex kitten daughter (Teri Hope) stays out all night with a lower class boy with whom she wants to carry on an affair. Also with J. Carroll Naish and Tony Anthony, and featuring Christina ('Mommie Dearest') Crawford, Joel McRea's son Jody - and Lionel Hampton as himself. $14.95

The Girl in Lover's Lane (1960)
Brett Halsey ('Hot Rod Rumble') plays a young runaway who passes through a small town and romances a local beauty (Joyce Meadows). He's later hunted down by vigilantes when the girl turns up murdered. Watch for Jack Elam as the town lunatic. From Filmgroup. $14.95

High School Caesar (1960)
Believable JD pic stars John Ashley as a kid who organizes a criminal gang (complete with a Chicago-style 'protection' racket) to impress his classmates. The film features some fine performances and plenty of nice action sequences. Also with Judy Nugent. $14.95

Hot Rod Girl (1956)
A Pre-Rifleman Chuck Connors plays a cop trying to stop 'teenage terrorists on a speed crazy rampage.' Something for everyone, including drag races, chicken runs and plenty of smash-ups. Also with a young Frank Gorshin. $14.95

Lord Love a Duck (1966)
Roddy McDowall, Tuesday Weld, Lola Albright, Ruth Gordon and Harvey Korman star in this hilariously off-beat comedy that lampoons the 1960s Southern California teen culture. $24.95

Lost, Lonely and Vicious (1958)
A cruel young punk becomes a star and makes out with a series of gorgeous gals. Starring Ken Clayton, Sandra Giles and Barbara Wilson. $14.95

The Prime Time (1960)
a.k.a. Hellkitten - Herschell Gordon Lewis ('Blood Feast') produced and directed this story of a young girl who leaves home only to get mixed up with a demented beatnik artist who forces her to pose nude. Features skinny dipping parties, clothes-tearing girl fights and more. Karen Black (in her screen debut) plays a painted woman. $14.95

The Rebel Set (1959)
Edward Platt ('Get Smart') plays a coffehouse owner in this suspenseful crime drama. Set in the world of the Beat Generation, the story concerns a well-planned but ultimately ill-fated truck heist involving some local youths. Promoted as a teen exploitation film, 'The Rebel Set' is actually a thrilling caper film.

Rock Rock Rock (1956)
Tuesday Weld (in her film debut) schemes to buy a prom dress in this low budget music extravaganza. Features Chuck Berry, Johnny Burnett, Frankie Lymon and other great rock acts. Also with DJ Alan Freed and a young Valerie 'Rhoda' Harper. $14.95

The Sinister Urge (1961) a.k.a. The Young and the Immoral
Lurid tale of a smut picture racket and a demented JD killer who delights in stabbing young women. Director Ed Wood himself makes an appearance alog with stars Carl Anthony, Kenne Duncan, Duke Moore, Jean Fontaine, Dino Fantini and Jeanne Willardson. $19.95

T-Bird Gang (1959)
Teen exploitationer about a gang of young toughs out to avenge a wrongful death. With Ed Nelson and Vic Tayback. $14.95

Teenage Bad Girl (1957)
'She's a doll, she's a dish, she's a delinquent.' Sylvia Syms that is, in the title role. This UK import is superior to many domestic JD pictures - though it features most of the same elements (rebellion, crime, sex and death). $14.95

Teenage Crimewave (1955)
JD exploitationer with Molly McCart and former child star Tommy Cook. 'Stolen cars, stolen guns, stolen thrills! The terrifying story of our teenagers gone wrong! You've read about them in the headlines...Kids turned killers! Here's the story that lays it on the line...Right on the screen!' Produced by Sam Katzman. $14.95

Teenage Jungle (1944) a.k.a. Teenage
Here is one of the first films to deal with the problem of juvenile delinquency. Like its' 1950s cousins, this film features young people looking for 'kicks' and finding them through music, hot rods and sex. With Wheeler Oakman and Johnny Duncan. $14.95

Teenage Mother (1966)
From the makers of Girl on a Chain Gang comes this story of a new high school 'health' instructor who arrives in a small town (from Sweden, no less) and gets involved with a class of sexually active teens. With Arlene Sue Farber and young Fred Willard as the boys coach. Color. $14.95

Teenage Strangler (1967)
'Budding young teenyboppers were this Bluebeard's prey!' This ultra-cheap teen flick features plenty of drive-in style action. Shot in West Virginia. $14.95

Teenage Wolfpack (1957)
Before he appeared in 'The Magnificent Seven,' Horst Bucholz starred in German JD films like this (as Henry Bookholt) and was promoted as the next James Dean. With gang fights, robbery and murder. 'Think of a law - they've broken it! Think of a crime - they've committed it!' $14.95

Unmarried Mothers (1955)
Young lust strikes on a midsummer's night in this Swedish exploitation feature. Starring Eva Stiber. English subtitles. $14.95

The Wild Ride (1960)
Jack Nicholson has a great time running motorcycle cops off the road in this hot rod epic from Filmgroup. When Jack's one time hoodlum pal goes straight, Jack flips and kidnaps the guys girlfriend (Georgianna Carter). $14.95

Wild Ones on Wheels (1962)
Ray Dennis Steckler ('Wild Guitar') and Francine York star in this JD/crime feature about a murderous sportscar gang after a hidden fortune. $14.95

Wild Youth (1961) a.k.a. Naked Youth
Carol Ohmart ('House on Haunted Hill,' 'Spider Baby') stars as a drug-crazed gun moll in this teen exploitationer. Also featuring Robert Arthur as a good natured kid who gets mixed up with a bunch of crooks. From Cinema Associates. $14.95

1970s and 1980s Drive-In Movies

Beast of the Yellow Night (1974)
A demented Satan worshipper assimilates the soul of each of his murder victims. 'They returned from the dead to stalk human prey!' Rated R. Color. $14.95

The Chinese Connection (1973)
Bruce Lee kung fu picture. Low on quality - high on action. Rated R. Color. $14.95

Daughters of Darkness (1971)
(Le Rouge aux Levres) - Arty lesbian vampire film from Europe. A mysterious countess (Delphine Seyrig) and her beautiful lover (Andrea Rau) seduce a young couple they meet at a fancy seaside resort. Rated R. Color. $14.95

Devil Times Five (1974)
Five deranged youngsters escape from an insane asylum and brutally kill a group of adults. Rated R for nudity and violence. Color. $14.95

Devil Woman (1976)
Drive-In classic features a snake-headed woman who wreaks vengeance on the villagers who killed her family. With Divina Valencia. Rated R for nudity and Kung Fu violence. Color. $14.95

Diary of an Erotic Murderess (1975)
Sex kitten Marissa Meli charms millionaire Richard Conte and his hapless son, resulting in tragedy all around. Color. $14.95

Double Nickels (1977)
Car chase flick featuring starring Jack Vacek and Ed Abrams. Color. $19.95

Fists of Fury (1972)
Martial arts expert Bruce Lee in action. Rated R. Color. $14.95

Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (1971)
The doctor's assistant is a dwarf (Michael Dunn) who peeks at naked women. Rated R. Color. $14.95

Goliathon (1979)
A gorgeous jungle girl (Evelyne Kraft of 'Lady Dracula' fame) becomes attached to a giant ape in this legendary production from Hong Kong. Color. $19.95

Horror Express (1973)
a.k.a. Panic on the Trans-Siberian Express
Starring Christopher Lee, Telly Savalas and Peter Cushing. A frozen monster returns to life while being transported across turn-of-the-century Asia. Color. $14.95

House of Insane Women (1974)
Depressing R-rated feature about a group of unfortunate young ladies. Color. $14.95

Island of Lost Girls (1973)
The truth about white slavery in the Orient. Rated R. Color. $14.95

It Happened at Nightmare Inn (1973)
Creepy low budget horrors. Color. $14.95

Lady Frankenstein (1971)
The mad doctor strikes again - only this time it's a woman. Rated R. Color. $14.95

The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave (1971)
A demented playboy lures trippers and other beautiful women to his mansion and tortures them in his dungeon. This R-rated drive-in classic has plenty of nudity and bloodletting. Color. $14.95

Saga of the Draculas (1972)
Beware: Vampires in action. $14.95

Sinthia: The Devil's Doll (1970)
Sleazy sex drama from Ray Dennis Steckler (directed under a phony name). Color. $14.95

Sweet Sugar (1972)
Sexy Phyllis Davis is unjustly sent to a Central American women's prison where torture and humiliation are the order of the day. Rated R for nudity and violence. Color. $29.95

Tarzana the Wild Girl (1972)
An expedition looking for air crash survivors stumbles across a beautiful, naked white girl in the heart of the jungle. Rated R. Color. $14.95

Valley Girl (1983)
A romantic comedy about a 15-year-old San Fernando Valley girl, Julie (Deborah Foreman) and her unlikely love affair with Randy (Nicholas Cage), a leather clad guy from Hollywood. Their relationship shocks Julie's friends who want her to get back with her Val dude. Also with Cameron Dye and Elizabeth Daily. Color. $24.95

Vampire's Night Orgy (1973)
Tacky R-Rated Euro-Horror. Color. $14.95

The Van (1976)
When he graduates from high school, nerd Stuart Getz gets his dream van (complete with waterbed and 8-track tape player!) in the hope of finally scoring. Danny DeVito plays his boss. Rated R. Color. $19.95

When Woman Had Tails (1970)
Screwball sex comedy from Europe featuring the luscious (not to mention topless) Senta Berger as a prehistoric temptress in the clutches of a bunch of groping cavemen! Rated R. Color. $14.95

When Woman Lost Their Tails (1971)
Senta returns (see above) as the voluptuous cavewoman! Rated R. Color. $14.95

Art by Ronnie Cramer Music by Ronnie Cramer Films by Ronnie Cramer

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