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Linda Christian

'Casino Royale.' James Bond's first screen appearance is this rare live TV presentation from October 21, 1954. Barry Nelson (as 007) stars with the beautiful Ms. Christian. Also with Peter Lorre as the arch villian Le Chiffre (one hour). $14.95

The Devil's Hand (1961)
Ms. Christian stars with Robert Alda (Alan's dad) and Neil Hamilton (Batman's Commissioner Gordon) in this Satanic cult shocker. $14.95

Full Hearts and Empty Pockets (1963)
When a young man on vacation in Rome experiences a run of good luck, he becomes the target of various hustlers and con men. This charming comedy/drama features fine location photography and some of the most beautiful women in Europe. Also starring Senta Berger. $14.95

Robert Donat

Cash (1933) (a.k.a. For Love or Money, If I Were Rich) $19.95
The Magic Box $19.95

The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933)
Outstanding biography of the famed monarch and his many wives. Starring Charles Laughton, Donat, Binnie Barnes, Merle Oberon and Elsa Lanchester. Produced by Alexander Korda. $19.95

The 39 Steps (1935) $14.95

The Winslow Boy (1950)
Robert Donat, Cedric Hardwicke $19.95

Samuel Fuller

The Baron of Arizona (1950)
Vincent Price stars as a ruthless land grabber with designs on 19th Century Arizona. $19.95

The Klansman (1974)
Racial drama starring Lee Marvin, Richard Burton, Cameron Mitchell, Lucianna Paluzzi, Lola Falana, Linda Evans and O.J. Simpson. Co-written by Fuller, who was replaced as director by Terence Young. Color. $19.95

The Steel Helmet (1951)
Fuller's terrific Korean War drama starring Gene Evans, Robert Hutton, Steve Brodie, James Edwards, Richard Loo and Sid Melton. Released shortly after the war started, it remains one of the better treatments of that conflict or any other. $19.95

Maneater (1969) a.k.a. Shark!
A band of adventurers go after an undersea treasure guarded by sharks. Starring Burt Reynolds, Arthur Kennedy and Barry Sullivan. $19.95

The Naked Kiss (1964)
When a young woman is arrested for murdering a child molester, her own troubled past comes to light. Controversial drama stars Constance Towers, Anthony Eisley, Virginia Grey, Betty Bronson, Patsy Kelly and Michael Dante. $19.95

Park Row (1952)
Gene Evans tries to start his own newspaper, but is sabotaged at every turn by his former employer. Also with Mary Welch, Bela Kovacs and George O'Hanlon ('George Jetson' in case you want to see what he looked like). $19.95

Scandal Sheet (1952)
Broderick Crawford turns a respected newspaper into a yellow tabloid. Also starring John Derek, Donna Reed, Henry Morgan and Rosemary DeCamp. From Fuller's story. Specify 1952 version. $19.95

Shock Corridor (1963)
Journalist Peter Breck goes undercover in a mental institution in an effort to catch a killer, but ends up going insane! Classic drama also stars Constance Bennett, Gene Evans, James Best and Hari Rhodes. $19.95

The Tall Texan (1949)
The story of Bob Ford, 'the dirty little coward who shot Mr. Howard - and laid poor Jesse James in his grave.' Fuller's directorial debut. $19.95

Beverly Garland

Curucu, Beast of the Amazon (1956)
Garland journeys to the South American jungle in search of a cure for cancer. There she meets and falls in love with a plantation owner (John Bromfield) who's native employees are being frightened away by a mysterious monster. Directed by Curt Siodmak. $14.95

Gunslinger (1956)
When her lawman husband is gunned down, Garland puts on the tightest slacks she can find and takes over as town marshall. Evil saloon gal Allison Hayes ('Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman') hires John Ireland to kill Garland - but instead he ends up falling for her. Color. $14.95

Stark Fear (1962)
Garland endures rape and other abuse in this mean-spirited exploitation/crime drama. $14.95

Swamp Women (1956)
Policewoman Carole Matthews goes undercover at a southern women's prison to learn the whereabouts of some stolen jewels. Garland and her fellow gang members escape, taking hostage Mike Connors along as they go after their goods. Also with Marie Windsor. Color. $14.95

Beverly Garland on TV:

The Bing Crosby Show
Garland starred as Bing's wife in this 1964-65 program. Contains two complete episodes. $19.95

a.k.a. Policewoman Decoy - Police action series (the first featuring a female cop) with Garland starring as NYC police woman Casey Jones. Originally aired in 1957.
'High Swing' and 'Across the World.' $19.95

'First Arrest' and 'Gentleman Gunman.' $19.95

87th Precinct
'Killer's Payoff' (one hour). $14.95

Ford Theatre
'A Measure of Faith' co-starring Lee Van Cleef and Lew Ayres (one hour). $19.95

Rarely seen 1961 western drama starring Guy Madison.
'A Rope for a Lady' with Garland as guest star. One epsiode only, but it's a good one. Also featuring Allison Hayes, Claude Akins and John Hoyt. $9.95

Lux Video Theatre
'To Have and Have Not.' Garland stars with Edmund O'Brien in the roles made famous by Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall (one hour). $19.95

Science Fiction Theatre VOLUME 12
'The Other Side of The Moon' (a rare color episode with Garland and Skip Homier), plus 'The Long Sleep' with Dick Foran. $14.95

Stump the Stars
Two complete programs. Guests include Garland, Sebastian Cabot, Ross Martin, Richard Long, Stubby Kaye and others. $19.95

'Knock Three-One-Two' starring Garland, Warren Oates and Charles Aidman. Hosted by Boris Karloff. $14.95

Wire Service
1956-7 adventure series about a trio of globe-trotting reporters.
'The Johnny Rath Story' with Garland and Dane Clark (one hour). $19.95

Yancy Derringer
Western action with Jock Mahoney. This 1958-9 series was set in post-Civil War New Orleans and co-starred X-Brands as Yancy's Indian companion Pahoo, with Kevin Hagen and Frances Bergen. Garland co-stars as Yancy's gypsy pal. She dresses up like a man so she can attend a prizefight and throws herself into the disguise with such gusto that she even swats a shapely woman on the backside!
'Fair Freebooter' and 'Wayward Warrior.' $14.95

Hedy Lamarr

Algiers (1938) $19.95
Dishonored Lady $19.95
Ecstasy (1932) $14.95
The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships (1954) a.k.a. The Love of Three Queens $19.95
The Strange Woman (1946) $19.95

Steve McQueen

The St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959)
a.k.a. The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery
McQueen stars as a college football star who is caught taking a bribe. He returns in disgrace to his hometown and gets invloved in a meticulously planned bank holdup (he's recruited as the driver of the getaway car). A fascinating semi-documentary based on an actual event. Also with Molly McCarthy. $14.95

Steve McQueen $24.95

Steve McQueen in Action
Go behind the scenes during the production of 'Bullit,' 'Le Mans,' 'The Thomas Crown Affair,' 'Papillon.' Also includes original theatrical trailers from such McQueen classics as 'The Great Escape,' 'Nevada Smith,' 'The Magnificent Seven' and 'The War Lover,' Color. $19.95

Cameron Mitchell

Adventures of Gallant Bess (1948)
Mitchell plays a vagabond rodeo stunt rider who gets a chance to settle down when he meets and falls for lovely Audrey Long. The 'Bess' of the title refers to Mitchell's amazing trained horse. Color. $14.95
Cult People
Seven Hollywood favorites share insightful and informative behind-the-scenes stories of their involvement in some of the most popular cult films and television classics ever. Mitchell appears with Patrick MacNee, James Karen, Russ Meyer, Waris Hussein and Michael Sarne. Long out of print - order your copy while they last. $99.95

Dog Eat Dog (1963)
Mitchell, Werner Peters and Jayne Mansfield pull a bank heist and escape to an island where they begin fighting among themselves. Interesting crime picture with lots of backstabbing and plot twists. Great opening featuring Jayne writhing on a bed with tons of cash. $14.95

Flight to Mars (1951)
An expedition to Earth's neighbor finds the inhabitants not-so-neighbrly. Engaging film stars Mitchell, Marguerite Chapman and Arthur Franz. Color. $14.95

Frankenstein Island (1981)
Jerry Warren's first horror film in fifteen years features many of his old stars. With Mitchell, John Carradine, Robert Clarke, Andrew Duggan, Katherine Victor and Steve Brodie. Color. $19.95

Man Eater of Hydra (1968)
Island of the Doomed
A demented botanist (Mitchell) develops a man-eating plant. Directed by Mel Welles. $19.95

Rebel Rousers (1970)
Long-buried cycle flick with Mitchell, Bruce Dern, Jack Nicholson, Diane Ladd and Harry Dean Stanton. Mitchell and his pregnant girlfriend are captured by members of Dern's MC gang, who then stage a series of races to see who 'wins' the girl. Filmed in 1967 but unreleased until Nicholson made it big in 'Easy Rider.' Color. $24.95

Supersonic Man (1979) Mitchell stars in this brazen 'Superman' rip-off from Spain. Released to cash in on the first Christopher Reeve epic, this strange picture has won a lot of fans with its' respectable special effects. Color. $19.95

The Unstoppable Man (1961)
Mitchell stars as an American businessman in England. When his son turns up missing, he sets out to find the kidnappers. Also with Lois Maxwell. $14.95

Jack Nicholson

Easy Rider (1969)
Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Nicholson star in the classic 'looking for America' picture. Color. $24.99

Hell's Angels on Wheels (1967)
Two-wheeler classic starring Nicholson and Adam Roarke. After being fired from his job, Jack gets into a scrape and impresses the Angels with his fighting ability. They take him on as a 'recruit' and soon he moves in on the leader's woman. Plenty of action in this one. Color. $34.95

Little Shop of Horrors (1960)
Horror/comedy (from Roger Corman) about a man-eating plant and its' eccentric owner. Jonathan Haze and Mel Welles star, and featuring a young Nicholson as a masochistic dental patient. $14.95

Rebel Rousers (1970)
Long-buried cycle flick with Nicholson, Bruce Dern, Cameron Mitchell, Diane Ladd and Harry Dean Stanton. Mitchell and his pregnant girlfriend are captured by members of Dern's MC gang, who then stage a series of races to see who 'wins' the girl. Filmed in 1967 but unreleased until Nicholson made it big in 'Easy Rider.' Color. $24.95

The Terror (1963)
Infamous quickie cranked out by Roger Corman using the set of 'The Raven.' Featuring that pictures' star (Boris Karloff) along with AIP regulars Nicholson, Dick Miller and Jonathan Haze. $14.95

The Wild Ride (1960)
Nicholson has a great time running motorcycle cops off the road in this hot rod epic from Filmgroup. When Jack's one time hoodlum pal goes straight, Jack flips and kidnaps the guys girlfriend (Georgianna Carter). $14.95

Edward G. Robinson

Actors and Sin (1952)
Robinson plays a respected Shakespearean actor who zealously protects his actress-daughter Masrsha Hunt, an insufferable prima donna. $19.95

The Red House (1947)
A demented farmer (Robinson) is haunted by his past crimes in this terrific mixture of gothic horror and film noir, which boasts fine acting and a unique, moody quality. Co-starring Judith Anderson, Lon McCallister, Julie London and Rory Calhoun. Highly recommended. $14.95

Scarlet Street (1946)
Seductive Joan Bennett lures mild-mannered Robinson into a life of crime (with help from her slimy boyfriend Dan Duryea). Robinson sets out to get his revenge, with interesting results. Loaded with irony and bizarre visual touches courtesy of director Fritz Lang ('M'). $14.95

The Stranger (1946)
Orson Welles stars as a Nazi war criminal living under an assumed name in postwar America. Robinson is the G-Man determined to track him down. A classic drama directed by Welles. $14.95

Thunder in the City (1937)
Loveable, fast-talking P.R. man Robinson promotes a bogus stock deal centered around a 'new mineral.' Also with Ralph Richardson and Nigel Bruce. $19.95

Edgar G. Ulmer

The Amazing Transparent Man (1959)
Strange tale of a scientist who breaks a career criminal (Douglas Kennedy) out of prison and turns him invisible. Ordered to steal radioactive materials for the doctor's experiments, the transparent crook prefers pulling bank jobs for himself. Also with Marguerite Chapman ('Flight to Mars'). $14.95

Beyond the Time Barrier (1959)
Robert Clarke stars as a jet pilot who accidently flies into the future and sees the world of the 21st century. Turns out it looks a lot like the 1959 Texas State Fair, where this was shot. Darlene Thompkins co-stars as a beautiful mute befriended by Clarke. The great climax features a bunch of demented bald guys tackling the mini-skirted women who inhabit an underground citadel. $14.95

Bluebeard (1944)
Ulmer's engrossing account of a habitual strangler (John Carradine) who lures women to his art studio and murders them. With Jean Parker and Iris Adrian. (Specify 1944 version when ordering.) $14.95

Club Havana (1946)
Tom ('Detour') Neal and Margaret Lindsay star in this musical drama inspired by 'Grand Hotel.' A young nightclub singer is nursed back to health after she attempts suicide. Songs include 'Besame Mucho' (later covered by The Beatles!) and 'Tico Tico.' $14.95

Corregidor (1943)
Otto Kruger, Elissa Landy, Donald Woods, Frank Jenks and Wanda McKay star in this romance-war drama. Ulmer shares the writing credit. $19.95

Damaged Lives (1937)
Diane Sinclair stars in Ulmer's VD epic. Also with Lyman Williams, Cecilia Parker and Jason Robards as Dr. Hall. $19.95

Detour (1945)
The one - the only - the greatest B picture of all time! Ulmer's downbeat film noir has enough snappy dialogue, atmospheric visuals and plot twists for a dozen movies, plus great performances and flawless direction. A piano player (Tom Neal) hitch-hikes west to be with his girlfriend, only to meet up with a psychotic femme fatale (Ann Savage). A must-see for B movie buffs, mystery fans and film students alike. Don't miss it. $14.95

Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (1957)
Ulmer directed this weird horror film that combines elements of the Robert Louis Stevenson tale with vampires and werewolves. Cast includes John Agar and Gloria Talbot. $19.95

Girls in Chains (1943)
Murder mystery concerning a school teacher (Arline Judge) who is fired when it becomes known that her brother-in-law is a criminal. She takes a job educating the hardened gals at a women's reformatory, all the while getting the goods on the corrupt warden. $14.95

Isle of Forgotten Sins (1943) a.k.a. Monsoon
Deep sea divers battle a crooked sea captain for a fortune in gold. Starring John Carradine, Sidney Toler and Gale Sondergard. $19.95

Jive Junction (1944)
A high school student trained in the classics (Dickie Moore) starts playing Jazz to fit in better at his new high school. Written by Irving Wallace. $19.95

Journey Beneath the Desert (1961)
Ulmer's adaptation of 'L'Atlantide.' A desert storm forces a helicopter to land near a nuclear test site. The occupants learn of the existance of a secret cave nearby, which turns out to be an entrance to the lost world of Atlantis. Starring Haya Harareet and Jean-Louis Trintgnant. Color. $14.95

The Love of Three Queens (1954)
The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships Starring Hedy LaMarr as Helen of Troy, Empress Josephine and other historical beauties. $19.95

Strange Illusion (1945)
When a smooth talking con man (Warren Williams) puts the make on a young widow, the woman's teenage son (Jimmy Lydon) suspects the worst. Loaded with suspense and great visual touches, this is Ulmer's finest film next to 'Detour.' $14.95

Orson Welles

Chimes at Midnight (1967) a.k.a. Falstaff
Welles plays Falstaff in this compilation of five Shakespearean plays. Also starring Jeanne Moreau. $19.95

Mr. Arkadin (1955) a.k.a. Confidential Report
This film about a strange finincier was directed by and stars Welles. Also with Michael Redgrave, Patricia Medina, Mischa Auer and Akim Tamiroff. $19.95

Napoleon (1956)
This color biography of the famous World leader features an all-star international cast. Joining Welles are Yves Montand, Jean Gabin, Jean Marais, Erich von Stroheim, Maria Schell and Jean Pierre Aumont. $14.95

The Stranger (1946)
Welles stars as a Nazi war criminal living under an assumed name in postwar America. Edward G. Robinson is the G-Man determined to track him down. A classic drama directed by Welles. $14.95

The Third Man (1949)
Writer Joseph Cotten searches post-war Vienna for the mysterious Harry Lime (Welles). Carol Reed's teriffic adaptation of Graham Greene also features Alida Valli, Trevor Howard, Bernard Lee and Wilfrid Hyde-White. $19.95

The Trial (1963)
Anthony Perkins stars as a man accused of a crime that is never explained to him. Bizarre adaptation of Franz Kafka directed by Welles. $14.95

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