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The Angry Breed (1969)
While hanging around Hollywood trying to peddle his screenplay, a Viet Nam vet rescues the daughter of a movie mogul from the clutches of a biker gang. The gang's leader (James MacArthur) returns later and it turns out he's an aspiring actor who wants to star in the film, so he breaks out the LSD for everybody! Weird 1960s drama also stars Jan Sterling, William Windom, Jan Murray (as a homosexual talent scout), Murray McLeod, Lori Martin, Melody Patterson, Karen Malouf and Suzi Kaye. Color. $19.95

Biker Fantasies
Working on bikes with Felicia, Kendra and Penthouse Pet Seana Ryan. Adults only. Color. $24.95

Black and Chrome (2000)
Underground cult classic. Motorcycles...yes, drugs...yes, sex...yes, violence...yes, fetish sex...yes, great music...yes. Shot in 16mm black and white. Starring Dave Hughes, Kathleen Cronin, Oedipus, Cha Chi Loprette, Cynthia Von Buhler, Cockroach and Tattoo. Music by Tree, Colin Owens and Element 47. Adults only. $19.95

Born to Ride (1991)
John Stamos leads a gang of young bikers against the Nazis during WWII. Color. $29.99

C.C and Company (1970)
Immensely popular biker flick featuring Joe Namath in his first and greatest movie role. Joe is a member of a motorcycle gang called 'The Heads,' but when he meets classy Ann-Margret he wants to leave his old life behind and start over with her. The gang has other ideas. You'll enjoy seeing William Smith, Sid Haig and other club members take to a moto-cross track on their choppers. Color. $19.95

Crazy Baby (1968)
Youthful rebellion, European-style with music and motorcycles as the rockers battle the mods. Ricky Shayne is a sullen rock singer (from Liverpool, of course) who gets blamed for the death of a sexy groupie (she was actually stabbed by a biker rival). He flees to Italy where he meets up with various heathens, whores and hustlers. Color. $14.95

Cycle Cinema
The hottest scenes from the coolest biker films of all time! Original theatrical trailers for 'Rebel Rousers,' 'Angels Wild Women,' 'Satan's Sadists,' 'The Losers' and many others. Color. $14.95

Death Riders
They rode the highway to hell! A fuel injected action epic showing the cold, cruel life of the biker underworld. Two strong men, one good, one bad, both desperate, face off in a desert biker war and only one will come out alive!. Starring Jason Williams, Robert Brando Susan Brinkley and Mary Jo Cruise. Color. $29.95

Easy Rider (1969)
Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson star in the classic 'looking for America' picture. Color. $24.99

Evel Knievel (1971)
Starring George Hamilton as the motorcycle daredevil. Also with Sue Lyon and Rod Cameron. Color. $19.95

Harley-Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991)
In need of money to save their bar, two cycle-riding pals (Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson) plot a daring armored car robbery and get mixed-up with a gang of killers. This popular action feature also stars Chelsea Field and Vanessa Williams. Color. DVD only $29.95

Hell's Angels on Wheels (1967)
Two-wheeler classic starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Roarke. After being fired from his job, Jack gets into a scrape and impresses the Angels with his fighting ability. They take him on as a 'recruit' and soon he moves in on the leader's woman. Plenty of action in this one. Color. $19.95

Hollywood Biker Chicks
Leather and lace strip show with Amelia Young, Ashe Lynn and Penthouse Pet of the Year Julie Strain. Adults only. Color. $29.95

Knightriders (1981)
Modern day version of the Camelot story, directed by George Romero ('Night of the Living Dead'). A group of MC enthusiasts stage medieval style festivals with their bikes, including cycle jousting and more. Starring Ed Harris, Tom Savini and Amy Ingersoll. Watch for Stephen King in a cameo. Color. $29.95

The Long Ride (1998)
J.T. Monroe lives in Los Angeles and it just keeps getting worse. Get a job, can't keep it. Find another and lose that too. Finally it's time to move on. Helen is alone now - her husband took his long ride already and she's been waiting for someone to arrive. In the Arizona desert it's hot, dusty, dry and dangerous. A lone rider doesn't stand a chance. Unless...he falls in love. $14.95

Motorcycle Gang (1957)
A young biker (imprisoned for hit-and-run) gets mixed up in a gang fued while wooing a sexy newcomer. With John Ashley and Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer. From American International. $19.95

Motorcycle Squad (1937)
A policeman goes undercover to thwart a criminal gang. With Kane Richmond. $14.95

Motor Psycho (1965)
Three sadistic bikers meet their match after an orgy of violence in Russ Meyer's brutal boob-fest. $59.99

On Any Sunday (1971)
Bruce Brown's legendary MC documentary. Featuring the Widowmaker Hill Climb, Bonneville trials, MX, desert racing and more. Steve McQueen makes several appearances in this film, which he financed. Color. $39.95

On Any Sunday II (1981)
World Champion Bruce Penhall is only one of the racing luminaries profiled in this motorcyclist's cinematic Bible. Thrill to the pulsating sound of high powered cycles in the desert, on the road and tracks around the world. Color. $39.95

Psychomania (1974)
After learning the secret to eternal life, a biker (Nicky Henson) kills himself, then rides out of his grave on a motorcycle. His fellow gang members soon follow, and before long there's an army of undead bikers on the loose. Also starring George Sanders (who really did kill himself soon afterwards) as a devil worshipper. Specify 1970s version. Color. $14.95

Renegade (1993)
Feature-length pilot for the hit syndicated series. Starring Lorenzo Lamas as Reno Raines, ex-cop turned cycle riding avenger. Also with Kathleen Kinmont, Martin Kove and Chuck Napier. Color. $29.95

Renegade: Murderer's Row
Fugitive-manhunter Reno Raines (Lorenzo Lamas) goes after a female spy with the help of his friends Branscombe Richmond and Kathleen Kinmont. They run into trouble when a rival bounty hunter sets his sights on the spy and vows to kill anyone in his way. Also with Elizabeth Gracen. Color. $29.95

Roadside Prophets (1992)
Two bikers (John Doe of X and Adam Horovitz from the Beastie Boys) travel from L.A. to Nevada with the ashes of their buddy. Along the way they meet an assortment of strange characters (Timothy Leary, David Carradine, Arlo Guthrie, John Cusack). Color. $29.95

Run, Angel, Run (1969)
Classic motorcycle flick starring William Smith. Directed by Jack (Race with the Devil) Starrett. Color. $19.95

Running Cool (1993)
A biker and his gang travel south to help out a friend in this action adventure. Set in South Carolina and starring Dedee Pfieffer (sister of Michelle) and Paul Gleason. Color. $29.95

Savages from Hell (1968)
a.k.a. Big Enough and Old Enough
A sleazy biker moves in on the daughter of an immigrant worker, then beats up a black guy who shows an interest in his regular girlfriend. 'An innocent girl the prize in a dirty game!' Produced by K. Gordon Murray - starring Bobbie Myers. Color. $14.95

Then Came Bronson (1969)
When a motorcycle bum (Martin Sheen) commits suicide, his pal Jim Bronson (Michael Parks) quits his job as a reporter and takes off on the bike to travel the U.S. and learn what he can about the meaning of life. At the start of his journey, a 9-to-5er asks Bronson where he's headed. The classic reply: 'Wherever I end up I guess.' Note: This is a black and white print - but the complete pilot for the series. $19.99

Under Hot Leather (1971) a.k.a. The Jesus Trip
In an effort to elude police, an outlaw bike gang hides out in a convent and even takes a young nun hostage. Starring Elizabeth 'Tippy' Walker, Robert Porter and Billy 'Green' Bush. Color. $19.95

Viva Knievel! (1977)
He's powered his Harley over autos, Mack trucks and seething lions. But if the mob has its way, his next incredible leap will land him six feet under. Evel Knievel plays himself - and is joined by Gene Kelly, Lauren Hutton and Cameron Mitchell. Color. $24.95

Werewolves on Wheels (1971)
A motorcycle gang battles a band of bloody Satan worshippers. Despite the sensational title, this is actually a pretty decent cycle flick. Starring Stephen Oliver and Barry McGuire ('Eve of Destruction'). Rated R for nudity and violence. Color. $14.95

The Wild One (1954)
Based on an actual event that took place in Hollister, California, The Wild One is THE classic cycle flick. After being thrown out of a motrocycle race, Brando and is gang 'invade' a small town, drink beer and stage their own impromptu event. Brando has eyes for a local beauty (Mary Murphy) who turns out to be the local cop's daughter, and things really deteriorate when Lee Marvin and his rival gang show up in the same town.DVD only $29.95

Art by Ronnie Cramer Music by Ronnie Cramer Films by Ronnie Cramer

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